Black Caviar’s Owners Feel The Pressure Before 2011 TJ Smith Stakes

April 9th, 2011

When Black Caviar takes to the track today in the hope of winning her 12th unbeaten race start, there will be eight very nervous owners standing by to watch.

Neil Werrett, who is part of the syndicate of owners of the talented Black Caviar, has told of the unescapable pressure that owning the world’s best racehorse brings about.

“There is more and more pressure every time she wins a race,” Mr Werrett said.

“One of the part-owners emailed me at 5am the other day and said he can’t sleep – that’s what it does to you.”

Despite the unbelievable pressure associated with owning Black Caviar, her connections wouldn’t change it for the world.

“But it’s a great thing to have and I wouldn’t swap it for anything,” Mr Werrett said.

The fairy-tale story of owning the multi-million dollar mare began on an annual houseboat holiday in 2007, when Mr Werrett suggested to his friends that they should all go in on a racehorse.

“I convinced the other guys to come into a horse with me,” Mr Werrett said.

“They put a few rules in place, like it had to be trained in Melbourne. Peter Moody has trained a few for me so he was the logical trainer.”

One of the part-owners, Pam Hawkes, was the one to name the racing superstar.

“Helsinge, Black Caviar’s mother, was somewhere in Scandinavia and that’s where the salmon live,” Ms Hawkes said.

“It made sense.”

Mr Werrett, who lives in Sydney, is thrilled that Black Caviar is finally coming to his home town for once, however, he admits it hasn’t been easy.

“I’m glad she is coming to Sydney, I’ve been travelling to Melbourne for a while now,” Mr Werrett said.

“We have about 60 people, owners and family, coming up from Melbourne and it has been logistical nightmare to get everyone together.”

Black Caviar will run in the TJ Smith Stakes in Race 5 today at 2.20pm at Randwick Racecourse.